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The principles, techniques and patterns that the DDD/CQRS patterns provide is unmatched when it comes to building complex enterprise applications

I have been fascinated by the world of DDD/CQRS ever since I was introduced to it 6 years back and I have never followed any other approach to building applications ever since. The book and the website is a humble attempt to scribe my experiences with DDD in a practical way. I feel that explaining concepts using tools/frameworks that Developers/Architects/Managers are familiar with is the fastest way for folks to adopt these concepts.

I have around 20 years of experience in building mission critical applications utilizing these patterns and currently act as a platform architect by day and an independent DDD/CQRS evangelist by night spreading and learning the concepts of DDD to/from folks.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any kind of feedback including criticisms on my approach. I just want to make sure we all benefit from DDD and the Enterprise Java space in particular.

I am reachable at and @FusionVJ on Twitter. Do note that all views are my own and do not reflect that of my employers.

- Vijay Nair

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